I took some time this weekend to think about some themes I think will be big in 2011. I've expanded on several trends below. 1. Anything Mobile My bet is if you don't already have a smartphone, you will in the next two years.  Since Apple launched their iPod, iPhone and iPad mobile devices starting… Read More

I recently answered this question on Quora, a new Q&A site that I am becoming hopelessly addicted to. I thought it made for a good story, so I wanted to share elsewhere. Feel free to take a look at the original answer here: http://www.quora.com/What-was-Reid-Hoffman-doing-prior-to-PayPal . It will also give you a quick insight into Quora… Read More

I had the original idea to write this post about 6 months ago when I first got my phone.  However, I decided to wait to write this so I could check out some apps first. After checking out around 150 apps I chose a handful that I really like. I decided not to include popular… Read More

I was explaining to someone about my experience doing a startup the other day.  I made a comment to him about being in business for almost two years.  Albeit not an extremely successful two years monetarily, but we have survived none the less. I told him I was proud of the fact we had made… Read More

A little while ago I finished reading “Behind The Cloud“, the story of Salesforce.com as told by Founder & CEO Marc Benioff. I thought Marc and his co-author Carlye Adler did a great job of making the book easy to read by breaking out the book into 111 short stories called “plays”. Each “play” was… Read More

I spend a lot of time reading each day.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 articles and/or blog posts.  Sometimes I feel like I neglect my work, but this time has also been the source of a lot of ideas and perspective on what I’m doing. I thought I would explore deeper, and really think… Read More

I recently found myself trying a new question and answer site called Quora. I had heard of it several times on blogs as a up and coming tech startup on the West Coast, and finally decided to check it out. As I proceeded to spend an hour or two reading some of the content/discussions on… Read More

Earlier this month I wrote a post about 5 things to think about before starting a company.  Soon after, I began to consider the other side of company development; raising money.  I thought it only appropriate to provide some thoughts on this piece of the puzzle as well. 1.) Product – What stage is your… Read More

I thought I’d quickly throw out some ideas I have on stuff to consider as you prepare to start a company 1.) Equity: One thing I would consider carefully as a founder, is the approach ownership equity.  This is something that can really drag down a company quickly if done poorly.  As a founder you… Read More