updating software

I recently went and did a much needed update on my site and blog. It had been a couple years, as I’ve been pretty busy working for Backupify, an enterprise security company that was acquired by Datto, a New York based security company in late 2014.

I thought it was time to make some changes that I’d been thinking about for a while. I’ve been writing on here on and off since 2008, and when I think back about what I enjoyed the most was just using this as a place to write, usually in long, essay form. I realized I’m not great a making my site super connected and social, so I wanted this to be more of a public repository for personal essays.

So thats where I’m hoping to take it for now, and I think you will hopefully see more long form, thoughtful content.

Also, I recently started working on a new project called LinkSquares, a sales document management tool to send, track, and sign business documents online in a fast, secure, professional way.  Looking forward to sharing more about that journey in the coming months!