Typically after I hear about a new mobile app, I'll download it and try it out. I'll use it a few times, and on the rare occurrence I begin to use it daily, I move it to my iPhone homescreen. I recently moved the Lift app over there. It was the first app I've moved over in about a year.

Lift allows me to set and track goals around “habits” I want to create. I set up the goals I want, then check them off as they are completed each time. I'm currently tracking:

  • Working out
  • Writing a blog post
  • Waking up by 7am sharp
  • Reading for 30 minutes
  • Setting my priorities for the next day

So far I'm doing a great job with working out, writing blog posts and setting priorities but havent done so well with waking up on time (I like to hit snooze) and reading each night. The cool part is I'm getting a bigger picture on habits and activities I need to work on.

Even better, I've found myself interested and focused on doing the activity and checking it off each day. There is a real satisfaction to seeing that big green checkbox. Plus, you share your habits with others who are trying to do the same things, creating social proof. I'm sure I'll add new habits or remove others based on how things evolve in the future.

Either way, I'm enjoying using Lift and am looking forward to gathering more info. Maybe there is something to this quantified self movement.

Has anyone else tried using the app? What do you think?