new years


This year I want to try and focus on doing only a few things, but doing them really well. Here are the three things I’d like to focus on:

Writing – I’ve committed to trying to blog each evening during the week. I know I wont be perfect, with some missed days and bad posts, but I’m looking forward to the mental exercise of writing each day.

Exercise – I’ve always stayed in pretty good shape, but I seem to get in these spurts where I am very inconsistent with my workouts. I will get in a groove, then stop for an equally long period of time. Similarly with writing, I want to spend time working on this each weekday.

Work – I want to make a more focused effort around my professional growth. I want to work on expanding my skills and hopefully in turn my business will reflect that effort. I want to spend more time experimenting with new things and new skills.

I think if I can grow in only these areas, 2013 will be a success. Do you have any goals for 2013? What is the most important one?