As we enter the new year, I thought it would be fun to revisit my post last January to see how accurate some of my predictions about 2011 were. Right to it:

1. Anything Mobile – “Everything is moving towards the mobile personal computing device”

I think this one was valid. With 6.8 million mobile devices activated on Christmas Day alone, we are seeing the mass movement to smartphones. One interesting note would be that 47% of that market is Android, and while Apple still has more cash than god, things continue to heat up in the mobile space.

Also worth noting that I spoke about mobile health earlier this year as an emerging market, but did not see as much activity in the space as I thought I would. With the Government’s Open Data initiative, still think there will some cool things happening here in the future.

2. IPO Market“This will be the year things finally loosen up and we see several tech companies make public offerings”

I named 4 companies to go public in 2011, and 3 of them did. LinkedIn got a warm welcome to the NASDAQ, but Groupon and Zynga were less cordial greetings. Twitter was the only company that did not go public, that I thought would. While they are still raising large amounts of private money, they do not have the revenues to go public yet.

As I mentioned, Facebook will go public sometime in 2012 to the tune of some $80 billion+ dollars. This one should blow the roof off, and in total the IPO market has loosened back up, but still has not proved to be a great fit for tech companies just yet. While some have done okay in the public markets, others like Pandora and Zillow have not faired so well.

I think 2012 will be an even more telling year for tech IPO’s. Keep an eye out.

3. Connected TV’s“No one has connected the web in a big way for TV”

This prediction was about the next generation of TV’s. Unfortunately, it hasnt happened yet. I am interested to see what the next version of Apple TV is coming out this summer. I have not read the Steve Jobs biography yet, but I hear that it ends with a statement from Steve about “cracking the code” on the Apple TV as one of the last things he did at Apple. I think we will be seeing an actual TV from Apple instead of a streaming device, but either way should be fun to see what they come up with.

Happy New Year!